Vote Kyle Mott

for Chelan County District Court Judge Pos. 2

Fair. Impartial. Dedicated.

"If elected to this position, my commitment to impartiality and justice would be paramount, but I also believe everyone appearing before the Court should be consistently treated with high levels of respect, courtesy, and compassion, when compassion is appropriate." 

-Kyle Mott 

Why Vote for Kyle?

Kyle has served Chelan and Douglas Counties for years through volunteer work in multiple organizations. As a public defender, he is committed to serving the public to ensure justice is administered properly and fairly.

Balance is crucial in our courts, yet the last three individuals who have filled the Chelan County District Court positions have been prosecutors. If elected, Kyle's experiences and perspective can help to bring balance to our local court. Currently, Kyle's only opponent is a Chelan County Deputy Prosecutor.  

Democrat or Republican? In Washington, all elected judicial positions are non-partisan, so you will not see party affiliations such as (D) or (R) next to any judicial candidate's name. Strangely though, judicial candidates are permitted to seek and accept endorsements from any organization, including political parties. Kyle has chosen to not seek endorsements from either major party. Fundamentally, a judge is required to interpret and apply the law to the facts of each case, fairly and impartially. Given this duty, Kyle believes judges should remain free from partisan influences and should not be explicitly or even implicitly beholden to the ideals or agendas of any political party. Given the current political climate and its highly divisive issues, the importance of trying to maintain a truly independent judiciary at all levels is of utmost importance.

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Kyle has been endorsed by Court Commissioner Bart Vandegrift, Sue Baker, Buell Hawkins and retired Superior Court Judges John E. Bridges. T.W. "Chip" Small, and Carol Wardell as well as a growing list of local attorneys and community members. For a complete list please visit the endorsements page.

Volunteer Work

Kyle is a board member and treasurer for the non-profit Chelan-Douglas County Volunteer Attorney Services, volunteer at the Performing Arts Center (PAC), and currently chairs the annual Washington State Bar Association Trial Advocacy Program. 


Public Defender with Counsel for Defense of Chelan County. Counsel for Defense of Chelan County is a non-profit organization located in Wenatchee, WA. Kyle previously worked for local firms Ogden Murphy Wallace, P.L.L.C. and Lacy Kane, P.S., and served as the Senior Law Clerk at Chelan County Superior Court.